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South Korea’s response to COVID-19

South Korea’s response to COVID-19

As one of the first countries heavily impacted by COVID 19, South Korea had to early adopt bold counter measures with some tangible results - number of new infections seems to have peaked on 3 March and is considerably down since then.  After some early criticism, the Korean government has generally received positive marks for its handling of the situation and is now being looked as a model for countries later in the infection cycle.

GR Korea Policy and Issue update November 2019 - Digital and Internet technology

Digital and Internet technology
1. Data

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Strict regulation on usage of personal data, such as medical or financial information is acting as a barrier against businesses that seek to expand their operation in Korea. Fintech companies cannot even start their business because they cannot process raw data. Also, there is an overall issue that crucial public data resources, such as the NTS-collected data of business operators or police-collected public data are being much neglected, despite its significant commercial value and industrial applicability.

Foreign firms need effective gov't relations consulting

In Korea, the policymaking process is often conducted under a veil of secrecy. Only bureaucrats, lawmakers and a limited number of other stakeholders take part in shaping government policies and legislation, leaving most businesses and individuals in the dark.


To meet increasing demand from multinational businesses here for effective government relations consulting, GR Korea ― a specialist consultancy focusing on public affairs ― opened an office in February this year to bridge the gap between the two sides, according to its head.